Anoher day one other 3,000 deaths.

In the meantime, Mitch McConnel and the Republican Bastards in Congress postponed the vote on a easy one-week stop-gap invoice to maintain the Authorities operating previous December 11th – which is at this time.  If they do not get again to the desk, Federal Companies shut down and Federal employees get furloghed together with companies which might be crucial front-line defenses in preventing the pandemic.  Tens of 1000’s of extra lives could possibly be misplaced if the Repbulicans get their manner at this time.

Principally it is the Senate – solely 67 hard-line Republican Representatives voted towards the measure vs 343 affordable individuals who voted for it however the Senate is a unique animal altoghether – full of rich, entitled White Males whose households do not endure the results of contracting Covid-19 as a result of they go to the very best hospitals and get the very best therapy – so what do they care in the event that they condemn tens of 1000’s of American Residents to loss of life?  Like President Trump – they’re immune.  

The chart above, of the deadliest days in US historical past, is already old-fashioned with 3,055 folks dying on Wednesday and one other 2,974 yesterday and the each day loss of life price is now monitoring in the direction of 4,000 per day over the following few weeks (merry Christmas!) and should worsen than that if folks insist on migling on Christmas the way in which they did on Thanksgiving.  

1,800 folks a day die of coronary heart illness in America on a median day and 1,640 die of most cancers so Covid-19 is now the main reason behind loss of life in America.  Not on the planet – simply in America, the place Four instances extra folks die per inhabitants than the even the following 9 worst nations within the World.  That is the true tragedy, this can be a preventable tragedy – each single day one thing could possibly be finished to reverse these numbers and each single day nothing is completed by Trump and the GOP – NOTHING!!!

German magazine Stern doesn't hold back with their anti-Trump cover | Metro  NewsIt is the dearth of concern that I discover outrageous.  

Adolf Hitler was the main reason behind loss of life for Jews from 1939-1945 but 6M divided by 365 divided by 6 years = “solely” 2,739 deaths per day.  Trump’s negligence is killing

Author: Pronews